Description of Web Interface.
The Statistics section is a page with tables showing fuel consumption and additional information on ship movement for the selected time period: distance covered (in nautical miles), by GPS and log, average speed, overall engine run time, engine idle time, etc.
The first table shows fuel consumption for run time of the main engines (including consumption over the entire selected period, average daily consumption and hourly consumption) and diesel generators. The last column shows fuel consumption in kilogram per nautical mile traversed during the voyage (GPS and log).
The second table shows fuel consumption for diesel generator idle time (including average daily and hourly consumption).
The last line, highlighted in red, shows the total fuel consumption by the ship for the selected period.
Above the tables is the date panel. To see the ship's location at a different point in time, select the date on the panel (and time, if desired) for the start of the time period, the end date and click "Refresh". The page will be refreshed. To see information for the last 4 weeks, click on «4 weeks».