The steady rise in petroleum prices and the resulting rise in costs for shipping companies today makes finding a way to improve the efficiency of fuel consumption a necessity.
Until now shipowners have not had any effective means of exercising practical control over fuel consumption, while at the same time high fuel costs make illegal operations connected with fuel most tempting and profitable.
The inadequacy of measures to monitor fuel consumption means shipowners have not been able to introduce efficient fuel consumption measures.
The Digital Technology Group has developed system for monitoring the propulsion equipment on board ships that it calls fleeteco"
The system is based on a revolutionary new technology for determining propulsion characteristics of ships which employs highly accurate methods of calculating hydrodynamics and new methods of data collection, transmission and analysis.
The technology used can be fully automated, eliminating the danger of «human» error.
fleeteco" allows shipowners to:
  • perform constant monitoring of ships' propulsion characteristics
  • accurately determine fuel use depending on rate of speed, weather conditions, the condition of the hull (i.e. the system does not record actual fuel consumption, explaining the natural fluctuations of which over a broad range is unfeasible. It determines what that consumption should ideally be!)
  • perform analysis of fuel consumption over various rates of speed per voyage and between bunkerings
  • optimize fuel consumption based on consumption statistics
  • systematically carry out technological measures to decrease fuel consumption with constant control over efficiency
  • monitor consumption of lubricating materials and spare parts on the basis of actual equipment revolutions and power output
System Installation.
Installation of the core of the system does not require withdrawing the ship from service and can be performed during loading/unloading operations.
The core of the fleeteco" system consists of the following main elements:

  • devices for recording engine operation (the main information is the RPM of each main engine, additional data may include engine temperature and shaft power)
  • devices for recording data on ship's electrical power output
  • data on ship's speed: GPS and log data
  • weather data: devices which assess the weather conditions encountered by the ship
  • device for collection, preliminary analysis and transmission of data
The fleeteco" system is designed to be accessible via a web interface. Access to the internet is enough for the shipowner to operate the system. From anywhere in the world the owner can receive round-the-clock information about ships, including:
  • ships' locations (see real-time map)
  • ships' speed and weather conditions
  • operating conditions of main and auxiliary equipment
  • fuel consumption statistics for any period of time
position statistics monitoring voyages
A complete description of the interface is found here.
The fleeteco" system is easily upgradable. Additional subsystems can be added which allow determination of the technical state of various components of the ship's propulsion system:
  • condition of the ship's hull
  • condition of the ship's propellers
  • operation and condition of main components of the main engine (turbines, injectors, rings, etc.)
For questions on how to install the fleeteco" system on your ship, contact our office.