Description of Web Interface.
Section «Consumption» is a page with three graphs. Vertical lines on the graph correspond to zero hours of each day of the selected date range.
The first graph provides information on fuel measurements made ​​by the crew (green dots and numbers), and the schedule of remaining fuel, calculated by the system (red line). Bunkering marked with yellow squares.
The second graph shows the speed of the main engines: the first engine is green, blue is second, third, red, etc.
The third graph is a hourly fuel consumption, calculated by thermodynamical method (red line) and the hourly fuel consumption, calculated by CFD method (blue line).
Above the tables is the date panel. To see the ship's location at a different point in time, select the date on the panel (and time, if desired) for the start of the time period, the end date and click "Refresh". The page will be refreshed. To see information for the last 4 weeks, click on «4 weeks».